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tisdag 13 oktober 2009

Put an end to the occupation

The sole cause of the ongoing conflict and the continuing inequalities in the Middle East is the occupation.

The UN Human Rights Council’s occupation of the international community’s time, finances, manpower resources and media space.

The UNHRC does not deal with the massacres of hundreds of thousands of black Africans in eastern Africa – because the Janjaweed militia carrying out the massacres are Muslim Arabs.

The UNHRC does not deal with the institutionalised racism to which Christian Copts are subjected in Egypt – because the racism is being practised by Muslim Arabs. The UNHRC does not deal with the fact that Egyptian forces shoot scores of black Africans in the back as they flee the slaughter in their home countries to seek refuge in the world’s only Jewish country, Israel. The Egyptian soldiers shooting them in the back are Muslim Arabs.

The UNHRC does not deal with the state-sponsored suppression of other religions in Saudi Arabia, because the Saudis are Muslim Arabs. The UNHRC does not deal with the fact that in the space of just 20 years, Christianity has gone from being the religion of the vast majority of Bethlehem’s population to being a fast-disappearing religion practiced by a tiny minority of the Christians who dare remain in the place of their birth. They are being raped, stoned, terrorized and murdered into emigrating. The perpetrators are their neighbours, the Muslim Arabs.

Recently a decision was taken to defer debate on the discredited Goldstone Report on Israel’s month-long response to 8 years of Muslim Arab missile bombardment. That decision was today revoked by the Arab members of the UNHCR, who demanded that the Goldstone Report be debated in the UN Security Council.

These are the same Arab members who perpetrate the world’s worst abuses of human rights, and who constantly drain the UN’s resources to wage their own private war against the Jewish state. This is the sixth time that the UNHRC has tied up UN manpower and drained UN finances in special sessions devoted solely to demonising Israel. While at the same time preventing any investigation of human rights abuses anywhere in the Muslim Arab world.

There is also a second occupation that plays an even larger role in the ongoing conflict. It is UNRWA’s occupation of the Palestinian Arab mindset. A mindset in which the sense of victimhood created by UNRWA has been perpetrated for over 60 years. With two aims: firstly, to maintain unrest in the Holy Land so as to divert attention from inequalities throughout the Arab world, and secondly to create jobs for UNRWA employees. UNRWA is not an organisation dedicated to helping the needy. It is an organisation dedicted to helping itself.

Accordingly, for over 60 years UNRWA has been helping itself to the UN’s finances. Huge, disproportionate amounts of the UN’s finances.

There will be no peace in the Middle East without dealing with the root causes of the conflict. Those root causes are to be found not with the two ostensible protagonists, because the vast majority of Israelis and neighbouring Arabs are reconciled to coming to an agreement and getting on with their lives, side by side.

The root causes lie in the UN, specifically in the UNHRC and the UNRWA.

Both swallow unfathomable amounts of money – public money – and produce nothing other than perpetual victimhood, jobs for cronies, and a never-ending cycle of bureaucracy, rising mountains of paper, mounting stacks of one-sided resolutions – and a total absence of any creative, critical, forward-thinking, problem-solving initiative.

Ordinary citizens of the world struggle to make ends meet, to find employment, keep up with home loans, pay children’s school fees, put food on the table.

While at the same time, the UN’s two most aggressively anti-democratic organisations deploy indecent, indescribable sums of money – public money – in prosecuting a private war on the Jewish state. This embezzlement is on an unimaginable scale – which is why most people choose simply to ignore it and leave it to someone else to clean up the mess.

There’s one problem, however. If we’re members of the UN – and we all are – then it’s our mess. We’re financing it, with money we could otherwise use for our children, for education, to create jobs, to build infrastructure.

Africa is on the verge of exploding into flames fanned by the vast inequalities to which that continent is being subjected, but in the West the UN member states ignore the African tragedy and are content to devote their energy and our money to yet more vilification of the Jewish state, fiddling even as the flames lick ever higher.

The key to Middle East peace is to dissolve the UNRWA and the UNHRC.

The only other alternative is to disband the entire UN.

Inaction is not an alternative. Inaction will lead to total collapse. You’re funding the very mechanisms that are causing that collapse, even as you read these words.

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