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tisdag 8 december 2009

EU buys Swedish votes

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is using the EU to buy votes in Sweden’s 2010 elections.

Over a hundred people are blown to bits in a series of Islamist attacks throughout Pakistan.

Over a hundred people are blown to bits in a series of Islamist attacks in Iraq.

Several dozen are blown to bits in a range of Islamist attacks in Afghanistan.

That’s just this week.

And it’s only Tuesday lunchtime.

The Palestinian Authority refuses to allow H1N1 vaccine into Gaza because it refuses to legitimise the Islamist Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip.

In several cities throughout Sweden, several hundred vehicles have been set alight by “disaffected” youths of what is euphemistically known as “Middle East origin” in what the youngsters themselves term their Swedish intifada. Here's what Swedish Radio, Tundra Tabloids and English-language Swedish daily The Local (here, here and here) have to say on the subject.

Sweden’s government-funded aid agency SIDA is under investigation for fraud following years of massive funding of various Palestinian, Islamist and other “charities”, including some engaged in terrorism and racist indoctrination. SIDA is currently being audited for gross overspending of its budget.

But Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is way too busy to deal with any of this. He’s busy using the 27-member EU forum to push through his pet project: in the very year that marks the 20th anniversary of the reunification of Berlin, Bildt is pushing the EU to adopt a resolution demanding the partition of Jerusalem. One part will become what he does not recognise as the capital of the Jewish state of Israel, while the other part will be forcibly converted into the recognised capital of the ethnically cleansed state of Palestine. Ethnically cleansed of Jews, that is, along the lines demanded and already achieved in Gaza. As Bildt doubtless knows, about 20 percent of the population of the Jewish state of Israel is made up of Arabs. He is perfectly happy with the glaring inconsistencies.

Carl Bildt simply does not dwell on such niceties. He has other things on his mind. Elections will be held in his country in less than a year. With his party’s popularity not so much flagging as sagging, he needs a miracle to stay in power and continue strapping on his nosebag with the weaker-minded see-no-Islamists people currently heading some of Europe’s nations.

With something like half a million Muslims living in Sweden – but fewer than 18,000 Jews – he needs to work an electoral miracle. Hence his Jerusalem obsession. It’s a guaranteed vote-clincher.

With every new sign of weakness and uncertainty, Islamism storms ahead. But don’t take my word for it, watch the following film featuring a former Islamist extremist. His message in a nutshell: Don’t back down. Maintain your humanity and do whatever you need to preserve your civilised norms as a modern society but don’t ever back down or offer concessions in the face of Islamist aggression – you’ll only pay the price later.

Dr. Hamid Tawfik, a Muslim and a former terrorist found himself unable to continue the path of violent jihadist Islamism after he realised he was being turned into the brainwashed victim of radical Islamism.

The Swedish Foreign Minister doesn’t have time to listen to such advice. He’s too busy to notice that Islamist Abdirisak Waberi has been nominated for parliament in Bildt’s own party, the Conservatives. Mr Waberi is renowned for stating, among other things, that men should be permitted to have four wives, that men should be allowed to hit their wives, that men are intrinsically superior to women, and that Islam is the only way to lead a good life. Bildt is strangely quiet on this score.

Carl Bildt doesn’t even have time to read the reports of hundreds of people slaughtered and maimed by Islamists in their wars against other Islamists. He probably won’t want to be reminded that 3 million Muslims were killed in the internecine fighting between what was then Muslim West Pakistan and Muslim East Pakistan, today Muslim Bangladesh. Another 10 million Muslims were uprooted and displaced, most seeking refuge in neighbouring India. That pattern is being repeated at the time of writing in countless Islamist hotspots throughout Muslim Africa and the Middle East. And that’s before one even mentions the violent Islamist resurgence in the Philippines.

Carl Bildt is just too busy to see any of this.

He’s busy forcing Jews to pay for his electoral victory.

And yes, it’s intended to be “his” electoral victory. Fredrik Reinfeldt may nominally be the Prime Minister of Sweden, but it is the overactive Carl Bildt who sets the agenda and does as he wants.

And what he wants bears an uncanny resemblance to what Hamas, Hizbollah and Iran want.

Who knows, perhaps he’s angling to become the first Palestinian Foreign Minister?

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