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onsdag 16 december 2009

Racism or medically treatable obsessive-compulsive disorder?

You’ve got to hand it to the Swedes. Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt (he is nominally Foreign Minister but he pretty much sets the agenda and does as he pleases) thinks nothing of using his nation’s financial resources and political and diplomatic clout to push the EU to recommend giving away the Israeli capital Jerusalem to the non-existent state of Palestine.

He feels it is important to reach “consensus” on this issue, so ideally he would like all 27 EU member states to vote to ostracise Israel.

As luck would have it, however, there are EU member states that still hold dear old-fashioned tenets such as principle, honesty, legal entitlement and burden of proof. Read Professor Dore Gold on the subject as he writes for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA).

Interestingly, Carl Bildt has nothing to say about the fact that his Consul in Jerusalem, Ms Anna Brodin, advocates official and close ties between Hamas and Sweden – and hence the entire EU since “consensus” is an unassailable concept in the Swedish psyche. (Link in Swedish)

A quick reminder: Hamas is regarded by the EU, the UN, the US, the Quartet and NATO as a terrorist organisation. It is regarded as a terrorist entity by everyone, in fact, apart from other terrorist organisations. Even other Palestinians regard Hamas as a terrorist organisation. Hamas is even regarded as a terrorist organisation by Sweden under its Foreign Minster and de facto leader Carl Bildt. Within whose Foreign Minstry Ms Brodin operates…

After more than three years, Hamas still holds Gilad Schalit, an Israeli Jew illegally incarcerated in an underground dungeon in Gaza.Without trial, visitation rights, legal representation, Red Cross visits or family contacts. The Swedish government, which is the world’s largest per capita contributor of aid to the Palestinian Arabs, has consistently refused to make this aid conditional on even the most fundamental demands for humane treatment of Gilad Schalit, let alone his release.

And Carl Bildt’s government now wishes to legalise contacts with Hamas.

Under Carl Bildt, Sweden has an official foreign policy that is as transparent as it is rabidly anti-Israel.

That of course is a perfectly legitimate goal. The Swedish government has been duly elected in democratic fashion and it is free to adopt any policy of its choosing, even if many aspects of that policy are widely perceived as borderline racist when it comes to one single issue, and that issue alone: Israel.

That is not the problem. What is problematic, however, is the “invisible foreign policy by proxy” approach that Sweden has increasingly adopted under Carl Bildt’s time at the helm of state. It is a policy remarkably akin to that of another hardline radical regime, Iran, which performs its dirtier foreign-policy work through proxies such as Hizbollah and Hamas while rubbing shoulders with the political elite in capitals throughout the world. Sweden too handles its official obligations via its recognised diplomats, but does its real work by proxy, under the table, via a plethora of organisations with extremely shady aims, such as SIDA, Diakonia, ISM, Forum Syd, Palestinagrupperna, Palmecentret and so on, all of whom are in receipt of massive state funding for the pursuit of one single goal: the delegitimisation of the sovereign state of Israel. State funding of shady NGOs with the sole aim of sabotaging Israel is by no means a uniquely Swedish malaise but in Sweden it is perhaps more widely practised than anywhere else.

With Swedish diplomat Ms Anna Brodin now openly advocating an illicit activity in contravention of the law, to whit contacts with a terrorist organisation, it is now time to take a leaf out of the book of that other nation at the forefront of obsessive anti-Israeli activitism: Great Britain. A British court recently issued an arrest warrant for former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. In order to avoid any risk of unpleasantness on British soil, Ms Livni apparently recently cancelled a planned visit to London.

Time now to apply the same rules to the Swedish political elite. An international arrest warrant issued for Ms Anna Brodin for aiding and abetting a terrorist organisation, Hamas.

An international arrest warrant issued for Mr Ismail Haniyeh, the Islamist strongman of Gaza’s Hamas regime for his complicity in terrorism against Palestinian Arab and Jewish Israeli civilians.

An international arrest warrant issued for Mr Mahmoud Abbas for breach of contract by failing to live up to signed agreements for peace – his latest tactic is to refuse to negotiate on peace (for which he already has signed legally binding commitments) unless Israel first agrees to give him everything he wants so there is nothing left to negotiate about. Starting off with Jerusalem and all the territory he points at. Carl Bildt eagerly coordinates this policy with Salam Fayyad, the Palestinian Arab Prime Minister (link in Swedish).

British Foreign Secretary David Milliband, to his credit, expressed dismay over the absurdity and inappropriateness of legal action against foreign leaders just because they happen to be Jewish Israelis.

No such reaction from the Swedes, however.

A few high-profile court cases with prominent Swedes in the dock are the next – in fact the only – logical step.

Because the time has come to play hardball. What you do is what you get back. No more “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, but rather “Do unto others before they do unto you”.

Starting now. In court.

Carl Bildt and his henchmen may well want to draw a new map of the world showing the ever-decreasing number of countries in which they are welcome. That map may well start shrinking as he takes stock of the countries that he and his aides can visit without risk of legal action.

It’s time Israel learned from the best.

1.  Principle, honesty, foreign policy implementation by shady proxy: What Obama should have said
2.  Unlikely to be the official end-game of current Swedish policy but certainly one very tangible effect felt even in Sweden. Read TundraTabloids to find out how obsession with demonisation of the Jewish state spills over into victimisation of Jews in the countries of their birth. This is France.
3.  "Jews Have No Right To Jerusalem". Here's the view the Carl Bildt Jerusalem-Partition Plan supports.
4.  In Swedish: Expert Swedish journalist and analyst Per Gudmundson refers to a planned campaign by The 18, a US organisation that wants to bring about a substantial improvement by making Swedish FM Carl Bildt pay a political price for his obsessive targeting of the Jewish state.

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