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fredag 1 januari 2010

Out with the old, in with the new. Maybe.

So 2009 has ended.

Here’s how it ended in Israel.

With a powerful missile fired from a civilian residential area in Gaza into a civilian residential area in Netivot, Israel.

Palestinian Arab President Mahmoud Abbas is the head of the Fatah political party. The rocket was fired from Hamas-controlled territory by the Al-Aqsa Brigade, a UN- and US-subsidized and trained Fatah military unit.

According to such leading lights of strategy and tactic as US president Barack Hussein Obama, EU ambassador to Israel Andrew Standley, the foreign minister of the current EU presidency Carl Bildt of Sweden, UNRWA commissioner Karen Abu-Zayd and others, Mahmoud Abbas is nonetheless to be regarded as a man of peace and his counterpart in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, is a misunderstood man who only wants prosperity for his people.

Here’s something none of the high-salaried EU and US potentates ever seem to consider: linking Gaza’s well-being to the freedom of kidnapped and illegally incarcerated Israeli Gilad Shalit. Shalit has now been in captivity for three and a half years for the crime of being Jewish in Israel, the world’s only Jewish state. He was kidnapped as a teenager from within sovereign Israel and has been held by the Palestinians’ Gaza prime minister Ismail Haniyeh without access to a lawyer (not that he’s accused of anything), the International Red Cross (not that they’ve demanded Hamas honour the IRC’s internationally recognized right to see him), his family, his doctor, visits by Human Rights Watch (not that they’ve ever asked to visit him), the UN (which via UNRWA co-funds the entire Gaza regime of Ismail Haniyeh), the EU (which is the main donor bloc to UNRWA), or Sweden (which is the largest per capita donor to Palestinian Arab welfare in Gaza and as such pays to keep the regime in power. Read here and here and here about the professional anti-Zionist and often anti-Semitic campaign being waged with public funding in Sweden.). And visit to view Gilad Shalit’s father Noam’s appeal last spring on behalf of his son. Noam Shalit advocated and still advocates linking the massive aid to the Gaza regime to his son Gilad’s release from illegal captivity.

But the above publicly funded official organizations – they are funded by hard-working citizens’ tax revenues – are not interested in linking money to life. They want to keep funding the regime that engages in the ghoulish practice of human trafficking, while urging the Jewish State to release 1000 convicted Palestinian Arab mass-murderers in exchange for the life of Gilad Schalit.

No wonder then that the hard-line Palestinian Arab regimes in both Judea and Samaria (also known as the West Bank) and the Gaza Strip (read here how women fare in the Gaza Strip) have no intention of backing down – they have all the financial and political backing they want from the international community. This is why Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas can use this massive foreign aid to pay convicted Palestinian Arab mass-murderers huge salaries and can express his confidence in continued terrorism by honouring one of the worst Palestinian Arab mass-murders in recorded history.

That was the note on which 2009 ended. There is every indication that 2010 will bring more of the same, only worse. However, there are some signs, albeit tentative, that 2010 might actually bring some improvement.

There is perhaps even a chance that politicians and the media might take a step back and look at the broader canvas, examining the plight of refugees in the entire Middle East and applying the same yardstick to all, including the countless Christian victims (read also about Christian bodies being disinterred in Gaza and a Reuters report on Muslim oppression of other religions) and Jewish victims and refugees of Muslim Arab aggression, oppression and violence.

Watch this slide show to find out more about the refugee problem that is never talked about – the 850,000 Jewish refugees escaping persecution in Arab lands.

The whole picture. Something that highly paid – and publicly funded – EU and US politicians might want to start considering. Assisted by the media. What a brave new world we might see then, one where the media actually start asking uncomfortable questions – which by definition means probing questions of the Arab and Muslim worlds.

Worlds which in the best traditions of Political Correctness have been exempt from any questioning at all.

This is the 1st of January 2010. We live in hope.

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