Sweden, like the rest of the Western world, is undergoing a process of demographic change. The very structure of Sweden is changing, not least owing to immigration rooted in political asylum, economic migration, wars, family reunions and other considerations.

My name is Ilya Meyer and I am myself an immigrant to Sweden. I was born in Calcutta, India, my mother and her family came from Teheran and before that Jerusalem and Baghdad, my father’s parents came from Baghdad and Basra. Immigrants in every generation, in other words. I came to Sweden in 1979 after completing my schooling and university studies in England. Ever since then I have worked here as a translator and interpreter, writing articles and giving presentations in both Swedish and English. I have written and spoken about the Middle East and India for 30 years now.

The new Sweden is the synthesis of a process of constant change.

Immigration / Integration
  • How successful is the immigration process in Sweden?
  • Is immigration the same as integration?
  • Sweden as an example to the world
  • Children are the key to successful integration – do we deal properly with children?
  • How important is language in the immigration and integration process?
Conflicts / Problems
  • How does Sweden handle conflicts and problems?
  • What problems do we find it difficult to handle?
  • Does political correctness obstruct necessary solutions?
  • Immigrants must adapt to the Swedish host society – but how flexible can/should Sweden be?
  • Do we risk being tolerant of the intolerant in our eagerness to embrace new citizens?
These and many more subjects are dealt with in my presentations and seminars. I put these questions in a somewhat controversial way not so as to promote tension or confrontation but rather in order to stimulate open and animated discussion and to widen perspectives.

The Integration Forum can consist of short presentations followed by a straightforward question and answer session, or a half-day seminar in the form of workshops, or a full-day seminar that covers one or more related areas, often together with other speakers.

The aim is not to deliver a one-way speech to passive recipients but rather to stimulate two-way discussion, exchange ideas and think creatively. Without dialogue, people cannot understand one another. In a dialogue there is always a risk that people fail to communicate effectively, but without dialogue, there won’t be any communication at all.

The Integration Forum aims to engender dialogue.
    Sample themes:
  • India – multiculturalism’s cradle
  • The modern multicultural society
  • Integration is not the same as assimilation
  • Pluralism and scope for differences
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