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tisdag 30 mars 2010

Human trafficking, mafia-style slayings, now bank heists

President Hussein Obama’s Hamas allies in Gaza are a breed apart.

The US, EU, Quartet and UN are all strategically silent while the violent Hamas regime in Gaza seizes more than a quarter of a million dollars from a local bank. Hamas is a staunchly religious Muslim group that also engages in the practice of human trafficking (read also the following two links for more information about Hamas, what it represents and how it is used as part of the inexorable US/UN anti-Israel drive).

The US, EU, Quartet and UN are all strategically voluble when twenty (20) apartments are given planning permission in Jerusalem. The apartments are intended to house staunchly religious Jews.

The disparity in the treatment of Muslims and Jews is very worrying.

All the more so since the long-scheduled construction of 20 apartments for Jews in Jerusalem is given greater political attention than the accelerated construction of Islamist Iranian nuclear weapons with the avowed intention of erasing the Jewish state from the planet.

It’s a disparity that seems to appeal to Hussein Obama.

Now THAT is really worrying.

Interesting links:
Sweden shuns Israeli investments
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Here's what the UN is really about
Ending the occupation of the UN

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upplagd av Ilya Meyer

måndag 29 mars 2010

Let my people stay

Pesach - Passover - is celebrated today.

This is the time Jews the world over celebrate the exodus from Pharaoh's slavery in Egypt and freedom in the Jewish land, Israel. Then the slogan was "Let my people go!"

Things sure are different today.

Full credit to a superb cartoonist who has his finger right on the pulse.

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upplagd av Ilya Meyer

Is Homer Simpson more objective than Hussein Obama is?

When presidential candidate Hussein Obama needed votes to secure what is arguably the most powerful position in global politics, he had no hesitation in visiting Jerusalem.

Today, however, secure in his position for the next couple of years at least, he has no need for Jewish – or indeed democratic – support and has gone out of his way to demonstrate his aversion to Israel, in particular the Jewish nation’s elected leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

Back then, when the Obama candidacy needed Jewish votes, candidate Obama talked about recognition of an undivided Jerusalem.

Today, president Obama talks about the absolute need for Jews to stop building homes in the Jewish capital in order to get intransigent Arabs and Islamists to pause long enough in their assault on the Jewish nation to sign an agreement in which they specify how long they wish to spend destroying Israel. By sheer coincidence, the time-span being kicked around is exactly the time needed by Obama’s latest buddy, Teheran’s Ahmadinejad, to conclude the development of his nuclear arsenal.

Back then, when Obama desperately needed every vote, he even travelled to Sderot, the town that has been battered by more than 10,000 Hamas missiles from Gaza, and said that whatever the final status of Jerusalem, "it s not the job of the United States to dictate the form that will take" but that it must be decided "by the parties themselves":

Today, of course, with US elections well out of the way, the US administration under Hussein Obama is doing just that, dictating precisely where Washington agrees for Jews to live in an area of the Holy Land that has never in history belonged to any other sovereign state. More specifically, what Obama is doing is to prevent any chance of Israelis and Palestinians from discussing the issue themselves, by dictating to the Israelis preconditions that even the Palestinians themselves are to shy to ask for.

Now into the breach steps Homer Simpson. The 2-D figure from Springfield so beloved from TV screens the world over has done what the 2-D figure from Washington has failed to do: Homer took his family and visited Israel AFTER the US elections, when there were no votes in the balance.

It was no cosy, sweet-as-cotton-candy picture that Homer tried to paint. On the contrary, his retinue included the in-your-face Jacob, voiced-over by Sacha Baron Cohen, whose highly controversial on-screen personas include Bruno and Borat.

But still Homer Simpson and his family did something that Obama and his family wouldn’t: visit, learn at first hand, have their pictures taken at Judaism’s holiest site when it is NOT election year.

Let me say what increasing numbers of Americans are saying:

 Homer Simpson for President.

There’d certainly be more chance of peace than with the current incumbent.

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upplagd av Ilya Meyer

söndag 28 mars 2010

Peace in our time

Finally, peace is in the offing in the Middle East.

And it’s all thanks to Barack Hussein Obama. The man who took the presidency of the United States and turned it into an agency of the AIF.

The AIF? That’s right. The Arab Intransigence Front.

Did I say “peace”? Sorry, I meant “change”.

The AIF consists of Libya and Syria, whose whose chain is yanked by Iran, while the Palestinian Arabs, for the first time since they started massacring Jews back in the 1920s, are finally able to relax and let their allies in Teheran and Washington take the strain.

Make no mistake: the Washington-Teheran-Damascus-Ramallah axis is out to create history. Arab moderation such as it existed in the reign of rulers like Egypt’s President Sadat and Jordan’s King Hussein is finished, what is emerging is the inexorable onward crush of fanatical despotism as dictated by the likes of Moammar Gaddafi (read also this piece on the Libyan dictator), Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Bashar Assad, Khaled Meshaal, Mahmoud Abbas and Hassan Nasrallah.

Obama won a landmark victory at home with his health-care reforms. Desperate to prove that his domestic success was no flash-in-the-pan proof of mere domestic prowess but that he really is big enough for his overseas boots too, he has carefully tested the wind, abandoned his country’s support for democracy and realigned the United States with whoever can make him look powerful, purposeful, decisive. In short, whoever can make him look like a winner.

Which by definition means the Jews pay.

Read below under “Related Links” what Hussein Obama is doing to create and support a new intransigent Arab Middle East, how he is planning to shelve Israel and how disrespectfully he is treating America’s foremost ally. Britain routinely executes alleged militants abroad in extrajudicial killings and even fights wars in areas as far apart as Iraq, Argentina and Afghanistan while continuing to occupy Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands. Nevertheless, Britain has taken its cue from its master, the Obama-led regime in Washington and in an unprecedented show of animosity has expelled an Israeli diplomat on account of unfounded allegations of Israeli complicity in the murder of a wanted terrorist in Dubai.

Britain’s extraordinarily duplicitous stance on the issue of targeted killings and the USA’s extraordinarily aggressive actions against its sole ally in the Middle East, Israel, are going to have far-reaching and long-lasting repercussions.

Israel may have been selected as the whipping-boy in Obama’s frenzied ego-trip, but it is a fact well known that when one has one’s back to the wall, the only alternative to voluntarily giving up one’s life is to come out fighting.

History has taught us that when pressed, Israel will come out fighting savagely.

The question is which regimes will be in power in Washington, Teheran, Damascus and Ramallah to pick up the pieces. Because just as Obama’s and Brown’s self-assigned policing activities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen result in alarming civilian casualties well beyond US and UK borders, so too do Israel’s US- and UK-enforced policing activities on its own doorstep look likely to result in large-scale casualties well beyond Israel’s borders.

Obama may want to look beyond his own reflection just long enough to consider what he is unleashing on countless people throughout the Middle East.

He’s certainly going to go down in history as a president to remember.

The question is, will he be remembered as a bumbling idiot or a man smart enough to realize his own limitations and take the advice of his betters.

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upplagd av Ilya Meyer

fredag 26 mars 2010

Obama’s intifada

Obama’s intifada continues to harvest lives

Barack Hussein Obama may nominally be the president of the United States of America, but he is increasingly behaving like the representative of some particularly hard-line Islamist regime in the Middle East.

It may explain why he signally fails to impose a single demand on the Palestinian Arabs. There is total consensus between the hard-line Hamas regime of Gaza and the ostensibly “moderate” Palestinian Authority of the West Bank – the two Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria that the Palestinians want to create a second Palestinian nation alongside the Palestinian nation of Jordan. Both the PA and Hamas want all of Israel, all of Jerusalem, and none of the Jews who live in the region.

Obama flatly refuses to impose a single demand on these two organizations, which in all other respects are otherwise sworn enemies of each other.

What Obama does do is to openly condemn Israel for wanting to build homes for Jews in the Jewish capital on land that has never belonged to any sovereign nation other than Israel. His latest condemnation of the Jewish state is officially linked to Israel’s long-known project for the construction of 1600 apartments in Jerusalem. However, increasing numbers of analysts note that what Hussein Obama is doing is actually to alter the political make-up of the sovereign state of Israel by forcing Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu out of power, to be replaced by someone more favourable to Obama’s visions for the Middle East.

Interestingly in the context of apartment building in capital cities, Swedish politicians during this election year are proudly claiming responsibility for wanting to build 15,000 new apartments in and around Stockholm (link in Swedish). Obama has no comment. Of course, Sweden is not a Jewish country so it is not worthy of his interest.

After noting Hussein Obama’s steady ramping up of attacks on the Jewish state, his insults to the Jewish premier on the latter’s recent visit to Washington and the US president’s utter failure to make any demands on the intransigent Muslim regimes that aim to replace Israel with the world’s 25th Arab and 56th Muslim state, the hardliners in Gaza have accordingly stepped up their own attacks on the Jewish state.

Last week it was a civilian farm worker in southern Israel who was killed in a Hamas rocket assault on the farm where he worked. Today four Palestinian Arabs and two Israeli soldiers were killed when the Arabs attempted to invade Israel and kidnap more Jews to join Gilad Schalit, the only Jew alive in an otherwise entirely ethnically cleansed Gaza Strip. Gilad Schalit is being used in a macabre human trafficking scam to extract the release of convicted mass-murderers and terrorists.

Hussein Obama has no comments regarding the ethnically cleansed, Jew-free nature of the Gaza Strip. That may be because he is too busy planning his next proxy attack on the Jewish state. He certainly isn’t dealing with the Jewish state’s biggest existential threat in its entire history – a nuclear-armed Islamist Iran. Even though the Iranian threat is also a threat to the US and Europe. Hussein Obama, known for his years of upbringing as a strict Muslim and later for his friendship with a Christian pastor of particularly un-Christian attitudes towards Jews, shows an embarrassing animosity towards Jews and a transparently burning desire to penalise the Jewish state, whatever the risk to his own country or his allies.

The administration of Hussein Obama, president of the USA, is characterized by strange silences interspersed with voluble outbursts that delight the USA’s enemies and alienate its friends. And still there are a few analysts who maintain that he is actually serving US interests.

It’s almost as though the Obama administration had settled down for business in the wrong capital.

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onsdag 24 mars 2010

The EU goes to school and learns nothing

Catherine Ashton is high representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and vice president of the European Commission.

At considerable public expense (she and her extensive retinue are funded by European taxpayers), she recently traveled to the Gaza Strip on what she termed was a mission “to see whether European assistance money has an effect on the ground”. Her conclusion? “It does.”

Returning from the Islamist-controlled Gaza Strip – the Hamas terrorist organisation seized control of the territory in an illegal and particularly brutal coup – she jotted down her impressions in an article in the New York Times entitled “Lessons from a Gaza Trip”.

It has to be said straight off: if this is how Catherine Ashton learns lessons, it’s a wonder she ever graduated from junior school.

She went to the Gaza Strip and learned nothing. Least of all the fundamental concept of “cause and effect”. She recorded that upon leaving the modern and vibrant Jewish nation of Israel and entering Gaza you emerge “like a time-traveler transported backwards, on a dirt track. This is where the industrial center of Gaza used to be. Now, people with donkeys and carts carry stones from the rubble”. She failed to learn, let alone explain, that the reason why the industrial center of Gaza (which used to give employment to hundreds of Gaza residents) is a pile of rubble is because the Hamas rulers consistently bombarded it in order to force its closure – and then employ gullible useful idiots like Ashton to claim that there are no jobs for Gazans because of Israel.

Among the more remarkable claims this paragon of Euro-intelligence and foreign policy blundering makes is that European financial assistance has a positive effect on the ground. She is right, in a way. Because whatever financial assistance is provided on the ground frees up corresponding funding below ground for the tunnels that are used for the purchase, import, engineering and firing of missiles at Israeli civilians – most recently with one fatality last week. It is a remarkably simple lesson in elementary mathematics and logic that Lady Catherine Ashton appears not to have learned.

To find out more about how continued EU and other foreign meddling funding extends the conflict, read the following report by NGO Monitor.

Even more remarkably, Ashton traveled to the Gaza Strip and failed to undertake the most basic and most effective steps to assure Israel that she is truly non-partisan. All she had to do was state that her planned visit would go ahead subject to the immediate and unconditional release of Gilad Schalit, the only Jew alive in an otherwise Jew-free, ethnically cleansed Gaza Strip. Schalit was kidnapped from Israel while in his teens and has been illegally held by Gaza’s Hamas rulers ever since, almost four years now. In contravention of a whole raft of international agreements, not least the Geneva Conventions, he has not been granted visitation rights by his parents, legal representation (not that he is accused of anything other than being a Jew), he has been denied visits by the Red Cross (although to be fair the Red Cross have never demanded to visit him) and as Hamas proudly boasts the young man has not seen daylight for his entire 4-year captivity.

All Ashton had to do to convince Israel of her impartiality was to demand Schalit’s release as a precondition for her high-profile visit and the continued pumping in of massive foreign aid.

But such a step was unthinkable to Lady Catherine Ashton and her EU backers.

All she could do was to feed continued Arab and Islamist intransigence with statements such as “A way must be found to resolve the status of Jerusalem as the future capital of both Israel and Palestine.” Really? Why is this so important, yet the release of Gilad Schalit is not? And why is this so important but there is no urgent need to find a way to resolve the status of Hebron as a city that is as important to many Israelis as Jerusalem itself is? Hebron used to be the political capital of the Jewish nation and to this day is of vital significance as a religious centre. Neither Jerusalem nor Hebron has ever been of the slightest importance to any Arab or Muslim community, except insofar as they are important to the Jews which automatically means they are claimed by the entire Arab and Muslim world with the subservient assistance of dhimmi (servile) European and US administrations. Visit the ME Forum and read this article to find out what dhimmitude has in store for the West.
Lessons from a Gaza Trip”? The EU’s foreign-policy and security head really needs lessons in how to do her homework. She has learned nothing.

Useful links:
Read about how foreign NGOs exploit public funding – that’s taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars – to undermine Israel, a UN member state. They do so with European government acquiescence: NGO Lawfare

Read about how foreign NGOs played a vital part in the concerted propaganda war against Israel following Hizbollah’s attack on the Jewish state in 2006: NGO campaigns in the 2006 Hizbollah war on Israel

CAMERA comments on Catherine Ashton's Gaza visit: EUobserver's Misobservation on Palestinian Civilian Casualties
CAMERA exposes media duplicity and public funding of anti-Israel NGO activity
CAMERA on the lessons that the media - and the EU's Catherine Ashton - fail to learn: official Palestinian Authority anti-Semitism. Meantime, the PA and other Palestinian organisations continue to receive EU and other foreign funding.
CAMERA on continued Church bias against the Jewish state, in parallel with continued funding of Islamist intransigence

Read the Tundra Tabloids for an analysis of what dhimmitude brings to Western society.

Read more from this blog about Gilad Schalit and his incarceration. Gilad Schalit was kidnapped from Israel while he was still a teenager and his captors are currently engaged in the illegal and primitive practice of human trafficking, auctioning his life in exchange for various rewards.
In Sweden silence is golden
Ban Ki-moon's strange silence
Out with the old, in with the new - maybe
The drip effect

The European Parliament has taken a stance on behalf of Gilad Schalit
ECR group calls for release of Gilad Schalit:
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on European governments to work for Gilad Schalit’s freedom:
For an insightful analysis of the war that continued foreign meddling is going to bring to the Middle East, read the following article by Daniel Pipes

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upplagd av Ilya Meyer

måndag 22 mars 2010

A composite view of the Middle East

Take a look at the state of play from the vantage points as far apart as Scandinavia, the USA, and inside the Middle East itself.
A Finnish blogger, KGS of Tundra Tabloids, brings this story of how Church organizations in Finland and Sweden routinely engage in spine-chillingly anti-Semitic trips that are funded partly by the Church and partly by the State. It is a synthesis of religion and state apparatus pursuing an overtly anti-Israel agenda that gives considerable pause for thought.
In the USA, New York Post columnist Ralph Peters writes about how the US under Barack Hussein Obama is openly undermining the Jewish state in favour of radical Islamist regimes spanning the entire Middle East. Obama’s chronic inability to recognise Israeli anxieties is matched only by his overwhelming desire to anticipate whatever the Arab states want – and to pressure the Jewish state into feeding Arab rejectionist intransigence. Obama’s approach marks a social disparity with a worrying religious echo and unpleasant racist undertones.
On the subject of racism, in Egypt, an Israeli reporter was arrested by the military as he tried to cross the border into Israel together with Muslim African refugees who often make the hazardous journey across several Muslim countries to seek asylum in the world’s only Jewish nation. The reporter, Yotam Feldman, wanted to record the plight of the African asylum-seekers from their on-the-spot perspective. He recounts that he was treated reasonably well by the Egyptian authorities but testified to the far worse fate of the black Africans who he says are routinely mistreated in the Muslim state of Egypt, noting that the Egyptians make a distinction in their treatment of white people and their treatment of Africans.
It is remarkable that in a world characterised by economic tailspin, major environmental concerns, massive social inequalities, substantial political corruption and other crises of enormous weight, there is such corrosive preoccupation with the Jewish state in countries as far apart as the US and Finland, at the same time as these very same countries turn a blind eye to the vicious injustices perpetrated by Muslims on other Muslims, as testified by a journalist in Egypt.
How does one explain this imbalance without using the words “anti” and “Semitism”?

But it’s not all gloom, doom and anti-Semitism. For light comic relief, there’s always that stalwart of manic humour, the United Nations. As Barry Rubin reports with regard to the UN-Habitat organisation, “granting an award to the close friend of those who murdered the man it's named after, a backer of those who he fought against, and who is aiding those seeking to take over his country definitely qualifies for being granted our own award for ironic and disgraceful behavior”.

Read it and weep.

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upplagd av Ilya Meyer

fredag 19 mars 2010

Brazening it out

This business of occupation and settlement isn't all it appears to be.

There's a whole lot more to it that many countries, national leaders, religious movements and ethnic groups would prefer not to talk about - while they continue to point the finger of blame at the Jewish state of Israel.

(With thanks to Yaakov Kirschen, Israel, who regularly publishes exquisite social and political commentary in cartoon form in the Dry Bones Blog:

But don't just pick on the USA.

After all, there's Great Britain and its continued settlement activity in Gibraltar.

Not to mention the Falkland Islands, off the coast of Argentina but 13,000 kilometres away from Britain, with the threat of war to protect continued British settlement rights looming ever closer.

China continues its settlement activity in Tibet. One million Tibetans ethnically cleansed and replaced with ethnic Chinese.

How about Russia's continued settlement activity in Japan's Kuril Islands?

Then there's Iran's occupation of some of Iraq's prime oilfields.

And Syria's de facto continued occupation of Lebanon - now ratified by the USA under Barack Hussein Obama, who has exchanged ambassadors with Damascus to cement his acceptance of Syria's hegemony.

No list would be complete without mentioning France's continued occupation and settlement of various overseas territories in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans as well as territory on the South American coast. There are currently more than 2.6 million people living in settlements in these overseas French territories, and their occupation continues. Go shopping in the faraway Caribbean island of St Martin and you will be speaking French and paying in euros - the EU-wide currency that succeeded the French franc.

Of course, no discussion about settlement activity can be complete without spotlighting Turkey's continued occupation and settlement of Cyprus.

Actually, there you have it. There's no discussion on any of the above. At all.

There's only discussion on condemnation of Israel for building 1600 apartments in an area that was never part of any other country in the entire history of the region.

Hypocrisy is too polite a word for it.

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upplagd av Ilya Meyer

onsdag 17 mars 2010

Silence and condemnation

Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10007.

More specifically, 250 Greenwich Street.

It’s where the World Trade Center used to stand.

The street is going to be renamed.

Its new name: Osama bin Laden Plaza.

You may not have heard about this. No international protests. No public demonstrations about the unsuitability of naming the site after a terrorist and mass-murderer of civilians. No debates in the UN Security Council. No hasty meetings convened between the US and EU to discuss the aggressive tone of this deliberate insult, no inter-governmental agreements on how best to punish the decision-makers behind this tasteless, counterproductive measure. No UN comment on how this unnecessarily subverts attempts to bridge cultural, political and religious divides.

The reason for the silence?

Perhaps it’s because the US prizes consistency. After all, the US signally refused to comment on – let alone condemn – the Palestinian Authority for naming the public square outside Ramallah town hall in honour of terrorist and mass-murderer Dalal Mughrabi, who a number of years ago killed 38 Jewish civilians in Israel, including 13 children. The dedication of the town square was scheduled to coincide with US Vice-President Joe Biden’s visit to the region.

Before we go any further, let me clarify that there are no plans to rename the Twin Towers site. It was merely a ruse to make a point. But that point, however, is still frighteníngly valid. Why the US silence on dedicating a town square to a terrorist and mass-murderer? The US is, after all, bankrolling the Palestinian Authority and even arming and training its fighters. Does the US administration really feel so comfortable with this decision by its protégé?

Not only was it not Joe Biden’s policy to comment on the decision, he did not actually have time to comment on it – he was too busy “condemning” Israel for wanting to build apartments for Jews in a part of Jerusalem that even the Palestinian Arabs recognize will always remain part of Israel, whatever the shape and details of a possible future final-status peace agreement.

Interestingly, neither Joe Biden nor Barack Hussein Obama nor Hillary Clinton has ever spoken out against the unsuitability of China building apartments for ethnic Chinese in Tibet, after first transferring one million Tibetans out of their ancestral home and carting them off to China, with one million ethnic Chinese taking their place in Tibet.

So perhaps it has nothing to do with consistency, after all.

Perhaps it’s simply a question of Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton - as well as Israel's Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu - being held to ransom by a pathetically immature US president.

(With thanks to Yaakov Kirschen, Israel, who regularly publishes exquisite social and political commentary in cartoon form in the Dry Bones Blog:

A president who is tough on his nation’s colleagues and allies, but soft on his nation’s enemies. A president who sets greater store by personal prestige than by strategic sensibilities. A president who has keener affiliations with the Muslim world than with the Western world.

Incomprehensively, Obama keeps trying to force Israel to pay the price for Palestinian Arab intransigence. "Intransigence"? Yup. This week the Palestinian Arabs - both the extremist Islamist Hamas and the extremist secular PA - joined forces to launch a violent yet comically named "Day of Rage" (read also here) to protest Israel's rebuilding of the Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem. This is the synagogue that the Palestinian Arabs destroyed in 1948. Absorb it: the Palestinian Arabs are protesting the rebuilding of a Jewish religious site that they destroyed, and claim that by doing so they are protecting the freedom of their own religious sites. So much for adherents of what is constantly being touted as the "religion of peace". Read here an unguardedly honest view of one Muslim cleric on the implications of his own religion. (Hat tip to blogger Loganswarning).

No comment from Obama, Biden or Clinton on this either. They seem to have an innate inability to comment on any negative steps taken by Muslim regimes or on any expressions of Muslim extremism as stemming from ... well ... Islam.

Of course, perhaps the US administration is simply far too busy cowering in the face of the increasingly strident position being taken by Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria and Turkey.

See a common denominator?

For expert analysis from a broad range of perspectives, read the following:
Naomi Ragen
Barry Rubin
Yossi Klein Halevy
Noah Pollak
David Frum
Michael Fenenbock
Washington Post

Is Barack Hussein Obama the only politician to focus unfairly on the Jewish people and on Israel?
Here's what's going on in Sweden: Read Rosie DiManno in The Star.

From this blog:
Swedish Prime Minister Candidate Sacrifices Swedish Jews' Security for Muslim Votes by guest writer Peter Rubinstein
Turkey's Erdogan and Sweden's Reepalu: Twin Souls

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upplagd av Ilya Meyer

måndag 15 mars 2010

Strange priorities

You’re at work.

A murderer from the next town breaks into your home, slaughters your entire family and while he is in the process of breaking into your neighbour’s home to continue on his rampage, the police arrive. The murderer resists arrest, starts shooting at the officers and is himself killed in the exchange of fire.

The murderer’s home town marks this event by naming the main town square fronting Town Hall in honour of the murderer. Schoolchildren are taught about the murderer’s heroic deed and encouraged to aspire to the same heights of achievement. The international community remains silent.

It doesn’t take long before more lethal attacks are carried out.

To stem the carnage, a fence is built between the two towns to prevent repeat offences. There is an immediate international uproar. Any protective fence should only be built around the houses of the intended victims, not in locations which would prevent the perpetrators from getting to their victims in the first place.

A few years later, some new houses are built in and near the homes of the increasing numbers of murder victims. Once again there is an immediate international uproar. The fallout is far-reaching.

The construction of the new apartments comes under scrutiny. Not by Town Hall where the buildings are to be constructed – we’re not talking zoning laws, infrastructure construction and utility installation – but by the UN Security Council.

There is still no discussion on the suitability or otherwise of naming town squares and educational establishments in honour of mass-murderers.

This scenario is not a figment of Kafkaesque imagination. It is unfortunately hard reality.

The West Bank town of El Bireh recently named its town square in honour of a Muslim Palestinian terrorist who slaughtered 38 Jewish civilians in Israel, including 13 children. The ceremony was scheduled to coincide with the arrival in the region of Joe Biden, the US Vice-President. Neither he nor US Foreign Secretary Hillary Clinton had any comment on the suitability of this event. This silence is scarcely surprising since many public facilities such as streets, schools and sports tournaments in the West Bank are named in honour of Muslim Palestinian mass-murderers – accompanied by thunderous silence on the part of the US and the rest of the international community that bankrolls the West Bank regime of Mahmud Abbas.

The event thus passed without comment by the visiting US dignitaries.

However, both Joe Biden (read the Telegraph and Guardian on the subject) and Hillary Clinton have been scathing in their condemnation of Israel’s decision to build a number of apartments for Jews, sparking a diplomatic crisis between Israel and the US.

Some analysts regard this imbalance in responses as both revealing and cathartic – finally Israel understands what it is dealing with in the latest US administration. There is no longer any need for Israel to pretend that it has an honest and impartial broker in Washington.

Barry Rubin offers a refreshingly straightforward insight into what the US administration actually wants and believes in when it comes to Middle East policy.

So too does Daniel Pipes.

Half a world away, meantime, Sweden’s third-largest city, Malmö, continues to witness the exodus of Jews as extremist mayor Ilmar Reepalu continues to encourage Islamist aggression against the city’s Jewish residents. Mayor Reepalu maintains that if Jews “choose” to flee Malmö that is their business, and goes on to note that it is quite understandable that Swedish Muslims hate Swedish Jews owing to events in the Middle East.

At least Reepalu is not alone in his views. Yesterday Egypt announced that it would ban the public rededication of a refurbished Cairo synagogue. Egypt’s few remaining Jews are to be penalised for allegations of "aggression by Israeli authorities against Muslim sanctuaries" in Israel. Reepalu must be feeling that he is being vindicated where it really matters.

Public facilities dedicated in honour of Muslim mass-murderers by what the US and the EU insist are Israel’s “partner for peace”. Jews penalised for protecting their lives with fences where the fences do most good. Jews banned from celebrating the rededication of a synagogue in Egypt. Jews chased out of Swedish cities by Islamist extremists. And Jews excoriated by the US for building apartments.

The politics of topsy-turvy priorities is getting very confusing. Yet at the same time increasingly clear.

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upplagd av Ilya Meyer

fredag 12 mars 2010

Swedish Prime Minister candidate sacrifices Swedish Jews’ security for Muslim votes

This is a translation and adaptation of an article that University of Malmö student Peter Rubinstein originally published in Swedish on Newsmill.
He writes from his first-hand perspective of the situation in Malmö, the rise of Muslim anti-Semitism in the city and the unwillingness of the political establishment to deal with the issue.

In recent weeks, discussions about Malmö’s left-wing mayor Ilmar Reepalu and his controversial statements about Jews and Israel have caused anti-Semitic sentiment in the nation’s third-largest city to bubble to the surface. His extremist views, widely regarded as racist, are one part of the problem. Another, perhaps more important, aspect is that large sections of Sweden’s media and political establishment appear unwilling to acknowledge the nature of the problem.

Christian Democrat party leader Göran Hägglund (Minister for Health and Social Affairs in the governing centrist coalition) noted in a TV debate on March 7 that the rising tide of anti-Semitic threats in Malmö came from sections of the city’s Muslim population. That Hägglund mentioned Muslims by name may well have been an indiscreet slip of the tongue rather than a deliberate decision – he may have just injudiciously voiced what many Swedes feel but seldom put into words for reasons of political correctness. With one eye firmly fixed on the results of the latest pre-election polls, Social Democrat party leader Mona Sahlin, currently in opposition but according to various polls likely to win the national elections this September, calmly professed outrage and insisted that Hägglund apologise. Hägglund quickly changed the subject and avoided this issue during the rest of the debate, possibly because he too did not want to risk alienating the Muslim electorate.

Yet the recent spate of anti-Semitic hate crimes in Malmö is not attributed to a bunch of disaffected right-wing skinheads or uneducated yobs. Rather, it is a direct result of anti-Jewish feeling among sections of the city’s Muslim population. I know, because I live in Malmö and I am a Jew. I’ve experienced it at first hand and I know several of the victims of both physical attacks and verbal abuse. The perpetrators have one single factor in common: their roots in Muslim countries.

This is something that has to be recognised openly and debated in public if Sweden is to overcome this problem. Mona Sahlin and her party comrade Ilmar Reepalu refuse even to acknowledge the source of the problem. If Sweden does not recognise and label its substantial undercurrent of Muslim anti-Semitism, it stands no chance of overcoming it.

It is a matter of shielding elementary democratic values: if the powers that be feel it is important for Jews continue to live in Malmö instead of fleeing the city, as they are at present, then it is necessary to bring about a change of attitude among Malmö’s Muslim population. Sweden is by no means unique in hosting a large Muslim population with openly expressed antipathy towards Jews. Mein Kampf is a best-seller in many Muslim countries, and the Arabic-language media are rife with raw anti-Jewish propaganda. This has been thoroughly documented worldwide, not least by news site Memri TV which translates news items from Arabic TV channels. Last year the Kristelig Dagblad newspaper in Denmark reported on a survey among Danish Muslims who revealed widespread anti-Jewish sentiment.

In Sweden cases of openly expressed anti-Semitism are on the rise. A couple of years ago there was the documented case of a Stockholm mosque selling audio tapes in which Jews were referred to as pigs and apes. There are clips on YouTube showing a large group of young Muslim men in Malmö last year shouting Arabic slogans inciting the massacre of Jews. There are film clips showing how a peaceful pro-Israeli manifestation on January 25 last year was smashed by a wild Islamist mob shouting “Hitler! Hitler”, “Death to the Jews” and “Death to the Zionists”.

As the pro-Israeli demonstrators, many of them survivors of the Holocaust, were forced to flee for their lives, Muslim youths pursued them to continue their attacks. One of my friends told me how some of these youngsters pointed to her father and shouted “There’s a Jew!” My friend’s father, who speaks fluent Arabic, replied “Yes, I’m a Jew. So what?” They replied: “We’re going to kill you, you Jew!” During this exchange, one of the gang members threw a glass bottle that hit my friend.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg, showing how widespread hatred of the Jews is among Sweden’s Muslim population – and how openly it is expressed in front of a remarkably silent media and political establishment, with some notable exceptions. It is strongly reminiscent of the open hatred with which Jews were regarded and treated in 1930s Germany.

For this very reason it is not at all surprising that the situation for us Jews in Malmö worsens steadily when political figures such as Social Democrats Sahlin and Reepalu ignore blatant Muslim anti-Semitism and try instead to portray the situation as some kind of general intolerance on the part of unidentified groups. The perpetrators are clearly identified. So too are their victims. Sahlin and Reepalu encourage anti-Semitism by refusing to openly state what everyone else sees and knows – the Muslim source of Sweden’s anti-Semitism.

Mona Sahlin expressed outrage when government minister Göran Hägglund did just that – clearly identified the source of Sweden’s anti-Semitism. Why? Is it because Sahlin remains totally ignorant of the situation despite the fact that she actually met with representatives of the Jewish community in Malmö? Because at that meeting, she must have been informed in no uncertain terms as to the precise source of Malmö’s anti-Semitism.

Or has Mona Sahlin simply made the same deliberate calculation as her party colleague, Malmö mayor Ilmar Reepalu, and decided not to offend the city’s and the nation’s Muslim population this election year? Sweden has about 18,000 Jews and about 400,000 Muslims. Whether Sahlin’s posture stems from cynical vote-catching or sheer ignorance is immaterial – either way the result is unworthy of someone who regards herself as a candidate for the highest office in this country.

My maternal and paternal grandparents were forced to flee the Nazis and lost their entire families in the Holocaust. In 1969 my parents fled Poland as a result of Polish anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Zionism. Today history appears to be repeating itself and like many other Jews in Malmö and elsewhere in this country, I am being forced to consider fleeing Sweden because Jews are regarded as legitimate targets by Muslim anti-Semites disguised as anti-Zionists.

It is time for Sweden to confront its problem, or see an accelerating demographic change take place. Ultimately at risk is this country’s democratic self-esteem.

Peter Rubinstein
The original article in Swedish was published on Newsmill:

Links in English:
Sweden, Israel and the Jews
Anti-Zionist party formed in Sweden
Tundra Tabloids
Ilmar Reepalu - wrong in every language
The unholy trinity

Links in Swedish:
Fred i Mellanöstern - Reepalu angriper Malmös judar
Fred i Mellanöstern - Ilmar Reepalu svävande om judeförföljelserna i Baltikum
IM - rödbrunt i Malmö
IM - Hopplös röd-grön Mellanösternpolitik
Jihad i Malmö - läs denna alltid lika intressanta blogg

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söndag 7 mars 2010

Ankara’s Erdogan and Malmö’s Reepalu: twin souls

Interesting words.

There haven't been any attacks on Jewish people, and if Jews from the city want to move to Israel that is not a matter for Malmo.”
Malmö Mayor Ilmar Reepalu, Social Democratic Party, in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph

Hate crimes against Jews (link in Swedish) in Malmö increased by 100 percent in the past year and Jews are fleeing the city.
Police statistics, Malmö.

It’s not possible for a Muslim to commit genocide.”
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reported in EuropeNews.

Here are the views of other observers with a more objective and less racist viewpoint. The following articles tie together the themes of Genocide, Turkey, Kurds and Armenians.
The Times on the Armenian genocide.
Turkey’s treatment of the Kurds.
Turkey’s treatment of the Armenians.
Turkey on how to treat statesmen from friendly countries. Here a picture of a Jew, Israel’s President Shimon Peres, manipulated to look as though he is bowing down to Muslim superiority in the form of Erdogan.
Other links of interest:
Arutz Sheva
Vos iz Neias
Huffington Post
Ilya Meyer

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fredag 5 mars 2010

The Turkish regime: poor linguistic skills, even poorer at mathematics

Turkey is widely regarded by historians the world over as being responsible for genocide.

In the early 20th century, Turkey, then under Ottoman rule, attempted to wipe out the Armenians, massacring more than one and a half million civilians in an attempt to create a nation ethnically cleansed of Armenians.

Now Turkey is outraged that a US congressional committee has approved a statement categorizing Turkey’s mass-killing of Armenians as genocide.

Turkey has been similarly accused of attempted genocide against its Kurdish minority.

Turkey’s Armenian and Kurdish populations have both been decimated as a result of the country’s policies of ethnic cleansing and documented genocide as well as ongoing discrimination.

In response to the US congressional resolution, Turkey has withdrawn its ambassador to Washington.

Against this backdrop, it needs to be remembered that Turkey has consistently accused Israel of ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Palestinian Arabs.

Also against this backdrop, it needs to be noted that from an original population of just under 160,000 in 1948, the Arab population of Israel has grown to just over 1.5 million. This is a ten-fold increase.

At the same time, the Arab population of Judea and Samaria (also known as the West Bank) has grown from about 460,000 in 1948 to 2.5 million in 2009, increasing almost five and a half times its original size. In the Gaza Strip, the Arab population grew from 83,000 in 1948 to 1.4 million today, an almost 17-fold increase.

These are the results of the “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” that according to the Turkish regime Israel has carried out on the Arab population. Facts notwithstanding, the Turkish regime continues to maintain that Israel is guilty of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

The Turkish regime apparently has a problem not just with rudimentary vocabulary but also with elementary grade-school mathematics.

The Islamist-leaning Turkish regime really does believe it is proper for one yardstick to be applied to Muslim nations, and for a totally different one to be applied to Jews and Christians.

It is refreshing that the US, at least, is finally prepared to use the English language properly.

Relevant link from this website:
Boycott and ethnic cleansing

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onsdag 3 mars 2010

This Palestinian issue is a complex one

The Palestinian Arabs of the West Bank want to create a second Palestinian Arab state alongside the first Palestinian Arab state of Jordan.

Fair enough.

They want to create their second Palestinian Arab state in the millennia-old Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria.

Fair enough.

In the civilized world, people who want something that isn’t theirs enter into a process of negotiation. There are prices to be agreed, contracts to be signed, guarantees to be provided and money to be paid.

Except when it comes to the Palestinian Arabs. They have indeed been living in Judea and Samaria for a number of generations. They immigrated there from all over the Arab world in the wake of the Jews’ success in rebuilding the Jewish nation. The Jews revitalized the region, elevating it from a malaria-ridden hell-hole as part of the Ottoman Empire to a flourishing modern centre of agriculture, industry, trade and commerce.

None of this alters the fact that, following their mass immigration to Mandate Palestine looking for jobs created by the Jews, the Palestinian Arabs are here today, and they are here to stay.

It is their right to stay.

What remains is to negotiate the terms, the price to be paid by the Palestinian Arabs who want to take over ownership of the Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria, with appropriate border adjustments as necessary.

What is not negotiable is that the Palestinian Arabs really DO have to pay a price. Acquisition without payment is called theft. That payment is exactly what the Palestinian Arabs are trying to avoid. And they are very insistent.

They insist on their right to commit terrorism against Jews.

They insist on their right to indoctrinate children and adults in anti-Semitism, including in the state media and via their mosques.

They insist on their “right to return” to Israel as part of a wider regional settlement that will give them something they never had – a second country of their own, Palestine.

Read it again: the Palestinian Arabs want a country of their own, and insist that the key to their independence is some God-given (and UN-sanctioned) right to settle in another sovereign country, namely Israel. The equivalent would be for Albanians to claim the right of independence by demanding the right – sanctioned by the UN – to settle in Canada.

It is an absurdity that would never be entertained.

Here, however, the demands are being made by Palestinian Arabs, so what would be regarded as sublime comedy in any other context is treated with the utmost seriousness by people with impressive titles and even more impressive salaries – paid for by the UN. That’s that portion of your income that is taken from you every single month and sent to the UN in pursuit of reasoned, logical, well thought-out policies like this.

What else are the Palestinian Arabs demanding? For on-the-spot insight into what the Palestinian Arab national movement brings with it wherever it goes, look at the following short film clip from MEMRI. It shows just how much disregard the Palestinian national movement has for the countries in which it operates. Israelis may be on the front line of Palestinian Arab terrorism every single day, but you’ve got to feel really sorry for the many Arab communities the world over that have been and still are stigmatized and bullied in their own homes by a Palestinian national movement that respects nobody and nothing, least of all the basic rules of logic and respect. Read the transcript of the entire clip here.

The sentiments expressed by the Lebanese in their own homes are echoed throughout the Arab world. Despite official government lip service to “the Palestinian cause”, nobody in the Arab world wants anything to do with the Palestinian Arabs. Not because they are not sympathetic to the plight their leaders brought upon them, but because they have shown time and again an absolute unwillingness to do anything to extricate themselves through positive contribution. There have been countless opportunities for peace – turned down every single time by a Palestinian Arab leadership greedy for ever more. Not least a Palestine built on the ruins of Israel. All or nothing.

It’s all enshrined in that demand for a “return” to Israel – as part of the Palestinian yearning for an independent Palestine. The utter absurdity, the sheer lack of logic, the total absence of historical perspective, is staggering.

So is the Palestinian issue such a complex one after all?

Not in the least.

Tackle the intransigence at source: stop the Iranian interference and prevent the UN from infecting the issue, and the problem will resolve itself over an amicable cup of tea by midmorning tomorrow. The finer details may take until afternoon coffee to finalize.

With everyone doing what needs to be done. Because everyone knows exactly what has to be done.

Maybe when the Palestinian national movement finally ratifies the purchase agreement for the Jewish provinces of Judea and Samaria, pays the purchase price and builds its own country, then the Lebanese will finally gain the freedom of their own country.

The Palestinian exodus from Arab lands is eagerly awaited throughout the Arab world.

Because the Arab world is truly desperate for its independence from 60-odd years of Palestinian occupation.

Here are some interesting articles on how Palestinian yearning for their own homeland often seems to involve not just the murder of Jews in Israel but also the murder of Christians in the West Bank and Lebanon, and the murder of Muslims in Syria, Jordan, Libya and Egypt. Among many other places.

Read here an account of how the Palestinians tried to take over Jordan.
For a chilling list of the victims of Palestinian terrorism waged on Lebanese soil, read here.
To find out how much the former Syrian dictator Hafez al-Assad mistrusted the Palestinians, read this.
Read here how the Palestinians and their collaborators still do battle with Egypt.
Read here how Kuwait expelled most of its Palestinian population after the Palestinians sided with Saddam Hussein in his attack on and occupation of Kuwait.
Libya’s Gaddafi expelled thousands of Palestinians, whom he regarded as a seditious force in his country.
Read here about how Italy expelled a Palestinian Arab after he murdered an elderly wheelchair-bound man just because he was Jewish. The brave Palestinian freedom-fighter threw the man – strapped in his wheelchair – off a cruise liner into the sea, where he drowned.

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måndag 1 mars 2010

The drip effect

The tactic is well-known. The constant drip designed to gradually erode all resistance.

It’s the tactic that the world’s collective of anti-Semites and assorted other racists are employing against the Jewish state.

The most recent outbreak of this epidemic is IAW, Israel Apartheid Week, whose purpose is to “educate people about the nature of Israel as an apartheid system”. Bafflingly, the organisation then retracts, saying that Israel “is obviously not the exact same thing as Apartheid South Africa” but goes on to maintain that as long as the offensive likeness can be used as a bludgeon against the Jewish state, it will be put to good use.

Visit the CAMERA website to find out how the IAW's Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) strategy is a publicly funded weapon designed specifially to prevent any prospects for peace in the Middle East.

NGO Monitor underlines the fact that organisations such as IAW and Sweden’s Alternative Information Center are actually government-funded. Individual European states and the EU as a bloc provide most of the funding for these subversive activities against a UN member state, the aim of which is to delegitimise that state.

IAW demands an end to “colonization of all Arab lands” and “full equality for Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel,” while also demanding the removal of the security fence that Israel has built where it provides most security against Palestinian Arab terrorism – which occasionally means those Jewish provinces that Palestinian Arabs want for a future state but without the niceties of having to negotiate over their acquisition. IAW also demands what it terms the “right of return for Palestinian refugees”. Inexplicably, not a return to the Arab state of Palestine, but to the Jewish state of Israel.

IAW, like legion other anti-Israel organisations, never works to better the lot of Palestinian Arabs – it does not help set up trade missions to boost Palestinian Arab commerce, industry, banking or agriculture. It does not support joint ventures to increase Palestinian Arab trade abroad. It does not work to place Palestinian Arab products on supermarket shelves. Instead, IAW, like others of its ilk, has just one item on its agenda: the deconstruction of Israel and its replacement with an Islamist state.

For a brief yet exhaustive examination of what IAW and its cohorts stand for and what they really could do, read Christopher Aqurette’s article entitled “Racists celebrate annual Israel-bashing week”.

Of course, IAW does not operate in a vacuum. It is aided and abetted by politically driven media and by some rather besotted politicians.
Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt writes in his blog (in Swedish) about his concern over Israeli military overflights in Lebanese skies – but ignores the reason for these monitoring flights: that Iranian terrorist proxy Hizbollah, in flagrant breach of a binding UN Security Council resolution, continues to rearm in southern Lebanon along the border with Israel. Carl Bildt writes his blog from his vantage point aboard a UN helicopter flying along the Lebanon-Israel border where he can clearly see the massive Hizbollah infrastructure swiftly spreading ever further south towards Israel. Perhaps his helicopter had blacked-out windows.
Sweden’s Minister for International Development Cooperation Gunilla Carlsson is currently participating in an overtly anti-Israel event called the Gaza Accountability Conference in which she demands that “the Gaza crossings must be opened unconditionally and immediately” and that “Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem must be united”. She has not said anything about what the Palestinian Arabs have to do to earn this, such as a stop to terror or racist indoctrination. Neither has the Swedish government minister said anything about Hamas releasing the one Jew still (hopefully) alive in a Gaza Strip that has otherwise been ethnically cleansed of all Jews, both dead and alive. Gilad Schalit was kidnapped as a teenager from inside Israel more than three years ago and has since been held in Gaza without access to legal representation (not that he is accused of anything), without visits by the Red Cross (not that they have demanded visitation rights), and without access to his family. Swedish government minister Gunilla Carlsson’s silence on this issue while voicing demands that benefit Palestinian Arab terrorists is a cause for grave concern.
Large swathes of the major media here seem to be equally blind. The UN’s own Middle East envoy Robert Serry says clearly that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. In other words, the hysterical allegations of Gaza’s humanitarian crisis are merely media manipulation, politically motivated activism in favour of a preordained strategic agenda. His position and title notwithstanding, Robert Serry is being largely disregarded the world over since his message does not fit in with the image that the racists and anti-Israel demagogues are determined to disseminate.
In the meantime, Islamism is advancing in leaps and bounds. At the same time as Carl Bildt uses the media to report what he does not see, Robert Serry is ignored by the media for what he does see and Gunilla Carlsson is given a media megaphone to voice what the Swedish public want to hear in this election year, Islamist terror organizations are growing in strength not just in the Middle East but elsewhere. Martin Bright reports that Britain is developing into a crucial hub for Hamas, the Gaza regime that is regarded as a terrorist organisation by the UN, the EU and the Quartet. His article makes frightening reading.
Back in Sweden it’s business as usual. Swedish extreme-left publication Flamman has an interview (in Swedish) with Anna Wester, public relations contact for the Palestinian Groups in Sweden (PGS), in which she says that should the extreme-left coalition of communists, social democrats and environmental crusaders win the national elections in Sweden this September, they will “recall Sweden’s military attaché from Israel and all weapons trade with Israel will be stopped”. This includes banning the use of unmanned Israeli-made drones to protect the lives of Swedish soldiers fighting Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan. The Israeli drones have proven their superiority in protecting Swedish soldiers on dangerous missions deep in Afghanistan, but the red-green coalition, should it come into power, would prefer to see dead Swedish soldiers rather than Swedish soldiers owing their lives to Israeli technology. By way of reference, during the World War Two – during which Sweden remained neutral while selling high-grade iron ore to Nazi Germany – sedition against one’s own country’s armed forces was a treasonable offence. The coalition of Sweden's extremist reds and greens must be reading a different rule-book.
Flamman also knows how to up the ante. In an article reminiscent of Sweden’s infamous Aftonbladet allegations (unfounded and later withdrawn) that Israel systematically murders Palestinian Arabs to harvest their organs, the newspaper insinuates in a recent Swedish-language article that there may have been mass rapes of women in Gaza (the insinuation being that the rapes were carried out by Israeli soldiers) for the simple reason that in conflicts in other parts of the world, such abominable acts have indeed taken place. Not even Hamas allege any such thing, but the left-wing Swedish paper has its own dirty war to fight against the Jewish state. Jews are guilty by virtue of someone else's crime on a totally different continent. Sweden's communists go from strength to strength.
Meantime the increasingly open red-green-brown anti-Semitism continues to stain Sweden’s third-largest city, Malmö. Some Swedish writers such as Per Gudmundson, Gulan Avci, Mathias Sundin and Dilsa Demirbag-Sten (articles in Swedish) have been very quick to train the spotlight on this disease.
The strange thing is that when it comes to anti-Semitic attacks on the Jewish state by Swedish politicians, many bloggers wrote already a year ago about communist party (nowadays rebranded Left Party) leader Lars Ohly sporting a keffiyeh in which the whole of Israel has been erased and replaced by an Islamist Palestine. Back then, the Swedish media ignored the episode and the evidence in the blogosphere. This year, however, is election year, so suddenly last year’s blog news has suddenly made it (article in Swedish) into the mainstream traditional media.
Better late than never, of course. But why so late?

One fine day it’s going to be way too late. The victims have already been marked – and not just in Sweden.
It’s a strange world – deafening silence on moral issues, but deafening cacophony on non-issues. In the category of cacophony we find the Middle East’s most underrated stand-up comedian, Libya’s Moammar Gaddafi, who is actively whipping up the Arab world into a jihadi frenzy against Switzerland.
You read right – Switzerland!
And while Libya is wowing the Arab masses against Europe, Iran is meticulously and methodically pursuing its plan for global jihad on a scale never before imagined. Read here what Reuters writes about Iran’s plans to force the world to its knees. Iran has its sights set not on the USA or Israel but the world, first stop Europe. Ignore the Reuters report at your peril.

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upplagd av Ilya Meyer

torsdag 25 februari 2010

Ilmar Reepalu of Malmö: Wrong in every language

Estonian-born mayor of Malmö Mr Illmar Reepalu seems to have an inbred need to disseminate hatred of everything Jewish.

He also appears to have a rather uncomfortable relationship with the truth.

And he seems to have a markedly selective grasp of the English language.

In fact, every time he speaks or writes – whatever the language of his choice – he adds further anti-Semitic hatred to a race crisis he deliberately sparked over a year ago when he attempted to prevent Jews from playing tennis in the southern Swedish city of Malmö.

In his latest diatribe, the Social Democratic mayor of Malmö, more than one-quarter of whose population is Muslim, makes a wildly inaccurate claim about the Community Security Trust (CST), a British charitable organisation that, among other things, monitors cases of anti-Semitism in the British Isles. Ilmar Reepalu writes in Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet:
The UK saw a record increase in anti-Semitic incidents in 2009. The Community Security Trust, a Jewish security organisation, says the reason for this is Israel’s offensive in Gaza. But when I say exactly the same thing, I am called an anti-Semite.”
Here follows a lesson in English, truth and integrity all in one:

Start off with what the CST actually wrote, in its own words:
“The reason for this unprecedented rise in antisemitic incidents lies in the reactions to the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza and southern Israel, which led to record numbers of incidents in January and February.”
(Page 10 of the CST report)

And again, more specifically:

“The unprecedented rise in the number of antisemitic incidents in the UK in 2009 occurred largely because of the extreme reactions to the trigger event of the Gaza conflict …
(Page 23 of the CST report)
At no stage does the CST write, claim or otherwise insinuate that the reason for the spike in anti-Semitic attacks in the UK is because of “Israel’s offensive in Gaza”, as Ilmar Reepalu claims.

The CST makes no value judgements as to who did what first. That is beyond its remit. The CST does not state that Hamas started the conflict by kidnapping an Israeli teenager from inside sovereign Israel. Nor does it state that even before the kidnapping, Hamas had fired more than 10,000 missiles on civilian Israeli communities in southern Israel, with the rate of Hamas missile fire actually increasing during a six-month cease-fire.

Nor, for that matter, does the CST say that Israel’s actions are a subsequent response, or an initiated action, or anything else. It simply notes that the Gaza conflict served as a “trigger event” for a sharp increase in anti-Semitic attacks in the UK. Nothing else.

Mr Reepalu’s misrepresentations do not stem from an inability to understand English.

They stem from his animosity toward Jews.

In Malmö, in the rest of Sweden, in the Middle East and even in Britain.

Several Swedish journalists and politicians have taken the Social Democratic mayor of Sweden’s third-largest city to task for his unsavoury views and his extremist statements.

After weeks and months of highly troubling silence, the leader of the Swedish Social Democratic party, Ms Mona Sahlin, has finally spoken on the subject. Mr Reepalu has previously gone on record as saying that the Jews of Malmö have only themselves to blame for anti-Semitic attacks against them because they did not clearly state their animosity towards the Jewish state of Israel. He has never required that the Muslims of Malmö adopt an equally dismissive stance towards rogue Muslim regimes such as Iran, Hamas, Hizbullah, Saudi Arabia or Somalia, for instance. Disparity in the treatment of two ethnic groups or two religions is recognised the world over as a clear expression of racism.

Now Mr Reepalu’s party leader Mona Sahlin says in an interview with Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet that “Ilmar is not an anti-Semite but rather someone who fights against racism”.

Bearing in mind Mr Reepalu’s track record of animosity towards Jews, this has been perceived as a rather extraordinary statement.

Ms Sahlin had more to say: “Jews deserve strong support but it is also necessary never to confuse the issues of anti-Semitism and Zionism”. Some analysts in Sweden see this as advice to the country’s Jews not to cry “anti-Semitism” every time Swedish Jews are attacked by Islamist and left-wing mobs demonstrating their hatred of the Jewish state by attacking Jews in the streets, Jewish places of worship and Jewish cemeteries. It calls into question Social Democratic party leader Mona Sahlin's judgement and credibility.

Ms Sahlin, who hopes to win the general elections in Sweden this September, did, however, concede that “Ilmar did make some rather unfortunate statements”.

That might go down in the history books as the understatement of the year. And this is still only February.

Links to articles and blogs condemning Ilmar Reepalu for racism (in Swedish):
Gulan Avci: Are Jews worth nothing to the Social Democrats?
Matthias Sundin: Reepalu is responsible for increase in attacks on Jews
Svenska Dagbladet: Big debate in the media following SvD's editorial about Reepalu
SvD article: Ilmar Reepalu should resign
SvD article: The Jews flee Malmö as Ilmar Reepalu watches
Sydsvenskan: An unpleasant picture of Malmö emerges

Links on the situation in which the Jews of Sweden find themselves:
Unholy Trinity
Boycott the Jews in Sweden
Sweden: an Islamic republic in Europe?

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upplagd av Ilya Meyer

lördag 20 februari 2010

The unholy trinity

2010 is election year in Sweden. In power today is an alliance consisting of the Conservatives, Liberals, Centre Party and Christian Democrats.

That is something that Sweden’s communists (recently rebranded the Left Party), the extreme-left Social Democrats and ultra-left Greens want to change.

On February 17 three of these three parties’ leading lights – Urban Ahlin, Hans Linde and Per Gahrton – put forward their intended coalition’s manifesto should Sweden turn red this September.

The manifesto has one item in particular focus: the Middle East.

The headline of the trio’s article – published in Aftonbladet, the tabloid that brought the world the unresearched, unproven, refuted and subsequently withdrawn allegations of Jewish and Israeli plundering of Arab organs for profit – reads “Red-Green Collaboration for a free Palestine.”

The Communist/Left Party component of this unholy trinity demands that Swedish troops be withdrawn from Afghanistan. That is a conflict that does not concern Sweden, according to the strategists outlining the foreign policy of a possible future Swedish government. In fact, renowned extremist Jan Myrdal (read here a Hizbollah interview with him reported in Sweden’s Radio Islam, whose proprietor has served a jail sentence for anti-Semitic sedition) said after two Swedish soldiers were killed in Afghanistan that “the only good foreign soldier on Afghan soil is a dead one”.
However, the Red-Green Collaboration does want Swedish troops to be sent to “Palestine”. Not to shield Israeli civilians from Hamas rocket attacks on Sderot’s schools, or to protect Israelis from Hizbollah rocket attacks on Haifa hospitals, or to prevent Fatah from murdering an Israeli father of seven in Judea and Samaria/the West Bank, but to prevent Israel from responding to attacks from these organizations. For an up-to-date assessment about Fatah by analyst Caroline Glick, read her article entitled "The Fatah Fairy Tale".
Hamas openly maintains that it will never recognize Israel. The collaborators in Sweden’s left-wing parties that want to take over the reins of power this September have no problem with this position, signally failing to register their protest at this intransigence. It is not a new stance – Hamas always have and still continue to maintain this position.
Interestingly, the Red-Green Collaboration not comment on the fact that Hamas is so uninterested in compromising its strict interpretation of what the future holds in store that it is even targeting the Palme Centre (link in Swedish only). The Palme Centre is a sometimes rather shadowy Swedish NGO dedicated to legitimising Palestinian radicalism and delegitimising the Jewish state – using Swedish state funding for the purpose. Read the following article to find out more about Sweden’s involvement with shadowy, non-transparent NGOs - it contains a wealth of relevant links.
Furthermore, the trio of left-wing politicians do not deal with the illegal aspect of any links with Hamas, classified by the UN as a terrorist organisation. The Red-Green Collaboration support breaking the law in order to pursue their agenda of a second Palestinian state alongside Jordan, at the expense of Israel.
Return to Afghanistan: the Red-Green Collaboration say that should they come into power, they will cease all military cooperation with Israel. This includes the purchase, leasing and/or usage of such Israeli military hardware as airborne drones to monitor Taliban operations in Afghanistan. Despite the fact that, a few days ago, two Swedish servicemen were killed in a Taliban operation in Afghanistan. The Red-Green Collaboration maintain their highly principled stance – no defence contacts with Israel even if it means saving Swedish lives. That is something the Swedish public – which is staunchly behind the nation’s contribution to Afghanistan’s future and development – may wish to take note of.

The principles of the Red-Green Collaboration also prevent contacts between the Swedish intelligence service and its Israeli counterpart. Bearing in mind that Sweden is a safe-haven for and an increasingly front-line participator in the drive to radicalise and recruit jihadi Islamists for terror operations abroad, this is again something that the Swedish public may want to note. Not least because failure to cooperate on intelligence issues promotes increasingly unrestricted radicalization on the domestic scene in Sweden, particularly in the southern city of Malmö, whose mayor Ilmar Reepalu has made himself a name as a radical support of Islamism and a vocal critic of Swedish Jews.

On the subject of the creation of a second Palestinian Arab state alongside Jordan – where 70 percent of the population is Palestinian Arab and where the state has moved to revoke Jordanian citizenship from Palestinian Arabs – the Red-Green Collaboration demands that a first step be the dismantling of the security barrier constructed by Israel to stop Palestinian Arab suicide bombings and other terrorist attacks. However, the trio make no mention of the need to stop the Palestinian Arab terror attacks that necessitated the barrier in the first place.

Amazingly, the word “terror” does not figure in the Red-Green Collaboration’s position paper. Not once.

It is a telling discrepancy. A coalition of left-wingers and extreme left-wingers who want to take over the reins of power in Sweden, who fail to recognize or acknowledge terror abroad, are willing to sacrifice Swedish lives abroad, and who promote contravention of international law.

All so as to promote the interests of Palestine over Israel.

It seems like the Communist, Social Democratic and Green parties are campaigning in the wrong elections – it’s Ramallah they should set their sights on, not Stockholm.

After all, the current Fatah incumbent in Ramallah has already come to the end of his legal term in office and is now just staying on in power, irrespective of the legislative niceties of the situation.

In old-fashioned English this was called a coup. Possibly a dictatorship. Whatever it is, it certainly isn’t democracy.

Here is what Fatah has to say about the Palme Centre, set up in honour of Sweden’s notoriously anti-American and anti-Israel Social Democrat Olof Palme: “After the election in 2006, we were contacted by social democratic parties from many countries. But we get along best with the Swedes”.

It figures.
Watch this space in September for the Swedish election results.

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